Every year my acapella group does Friendsgiving and dessert is sort of my thing so I made this lovely salted caramel apple pie by Saveur. I used my food processor (with slicer attachment) to get my apples ultra thin. Side note: I took the lemon juice/sugar mixture after the apples left it and cooked it … Continue reading Friendsgiving

Greek Meatballs

I made these greek meatballs for dinner about a week ago and they were delicious. I halved the recipe so we didn’t have leftovers for too many days but accidentally forgot to half the garlic. Luckily they turned out delicious, they were spicy with a little bit of sweet from the cinnamon and paired perfectly … Continue reading Greek Meatballs


Agave is my in laws favorite restaurant, possibly ever but definitely in Lewes, DE. We always vacation there and found it a few years ago and have been obsessed ever since. My father in law and his father in law went down on black Friday last year to get buy one get one gift cards … Continue reading Agave


Gnudi, similar to gnocchi, are made with ricotta and semolina. I had these at Fork about a month ago and they were these little amazing pods of pasta filled with rich, creamy ricotta,  so I figured I would give them a try at home. Mine are quite ugly but luckily tasted pretty yummy. The procedure is … Continue reading Gnudi